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RealData Dispatch June 2007
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RealData Programs Now Compatible with Excel 2007 and Vista as Well as Earlier Versions

In years gone by -- and we've seen a lot of them, having started RealData in 1981 -- it would not have been such a big deal to announce that our programs were compatible with the latest release of Microsoft Excel (Excel 2007) and Microsoft Windows (Vista). The reason was simple. We could generally rely on each new release of Excel to read and run programs created with the previous version; and so long as Excel was compatible with Windows (a pretty safe bet), then the operating system was a non-issue.

After a few decades, we began to treat these expectations as if they were a law of nature.

Which brings us to our news flash. Excel 2007 is different. There are some obvious compatibility issues if one tries to use Excel 2003 or earlier to work with a file created in the new Excel 2007 format, and Microsoft discusses those at length in its support knowledgebase. However, it appears to us that Microsoft has said very little about 2007's "backward compatibility," i.e., the new program's ability to use files and applications created with pre-2007 versions of Excel.

Read the entire article here.

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Windows Vista & Excel 2007 Compatibility

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Is Your Software Up to Date?

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