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August, 2009 RealData Dispatch

The "Skinny" on Real Estate

You may already know about our friend and neighbor, Jim Randel, from his popular book, "Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur." Jim and RealData's chief, Frank Gallinelli, have a lot in common, not the least of which is their approach to investing.

Jim is now publishing a new book series called "The Skinny On™..." Although the central characters in these are a bit thin -- they're stick figures inspired by the celebrated Japanese literary form, Manga -- there is nothing lightweight about the information they deliver. In fact one of his titles, "The Skinny on the Housing Crisis," has been named the 2009 Robert Bruss Book of the Year by The National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE).

Get more info about these books at realdata.com


We also have high praise for "The Skinny on Real Estate Investing," which is an excellent and very readable introduction to the subject. And if you have teen- or college-age kids, you absolutely need to get them a copy of "The Skinny on Credit Cards: How to Master the Credit Card Game."

We like these books and think you will too. So, we asked Jim if he could extend a discount to our RealData Dispatch subscribers, and he has been kind enough to give us a promo code you can use for 30% off on both the printed and the e-book versions. Your prices are just $6.97 for the e-books and $10.47 plus shipping for the printed paperbacks.

To take advantage of the discount, go to theskinnyon.com and use the promo code RealData30 when you check out. The code will be good through September 30, 2009.

TALF Extended, Home Sales Jump

In a press release issued August 17, the Federal Reserve annouced that it would extend the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF) beyond its originally-scheduled December 31 termination date. The program will now run until March 31, 2010 for existing commercial mortgage-backed securities and until June 30 for new CMBS, which typically take some time to arrange.

Many in the commercial real estate industry see TALF as vital to unfreezing the commercial financing markets. In the second round of TALF, investors requested $2.3 billion, almost three times the July funding.

Another positive sign for real estate came from the housing market, where sales of existing homes rose 7.2%, the biggest increase in almost two years.

Save up to 33% on RealData Software

In the current economy it's no surprise that we all want to save money when we can. Did you know that you can save a bundle on RealData software? It's easy.

Many of our customers find that they can benefit from not just one but several of our products. Perhaps they're developing and investing in different kinds of property, and need to work with analyses and pro formas of different kinds.

We've assembled five "bundles" that represent the most common combinations of products purchased by our customers, and we offer those bundles at a discount.

They begin with our entry-level Bundle 1, which contains the Ultra-Lite version of our Real Estate Investment Analysis, our Personal Financial Statement software, and our e-course. At the other end is our best value, Bundle 5, where you can buy almost everything we sell and save a very meaningful $662.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get RealData software at a great price.

Events Calendar

In our June Dispatch we featured UPworld.com, a site for developers and for those in the building professions. We discovered a great feature that we had overlooked, and want to bring it to your attention. Check out their worldwide calendar of events -- conferences, forums, exhibitions and more stretching from San Francisco to New York to London to Bangalore.

If you would rather stay home, visit their new blog page, which has some excellent content.

We Love PR

Like any business, we love it when we get some good PR. So we were pleased to see a nice write-up about RealData founder, Frank Gallinelli, in the Hamilton County Herald. They got Frank to talk about how he got into the real estate software business, and about how his writing and teaching are part of his mission to spread financial literacy.

RealData Bookstore

While we're on the subject of books, we would like to remind you about a new addition to realdata.com, The RealData Bookstore. This is not an automated list of best-sellers, but rather a collection of titles that we have hand-picked.

We've included some classics that real estate investors have relied on for years, and also suggested some newer titles that we feel merit your attention. Of course Frank's own books are listed first -- objectivity has its limits.

We hope you'll take a look -- and that you'll send us your recommendations for new titles to add to our list.

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