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RealData Dispatch January 2006
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shim New Article: What's the Trouble with the Bubble?

We have always focused on nuts and bolts in our articles for investors and developers on subjects like project feasibility or understanding cap rates. If you’ve missed any of those articles, you can still read them at realdata.com, under the “Learn” section.

Investors, developers and homeowners operate in the world of real markets, of course, and for nearly a year there has been a great deal of prognosticating about where those markets are headed. This month we’re offering a different kind of article, taking an op-ed look at this talk about the future of real estate. Are these forecasts based on hard data or are they mostly hype? And how have people operating in that real world responded? Go to realdata.com and click the “Learn” tab to view this article.

RealData Product News

In response to customer requests, we’ve released a new build of On Schedule that includes important new features and improvements, including General Partner’s IRR and NPV calculations. Make sure to download and start using the new build today.

Meanwhile, we’re working on upgrades across our entire product line. Keep an eye out for Commercial/Industrial Development Version 5, which we expect within the next month. Anyone who buys CID 4 before the release of Version 5 will receive the upgrade for free, so there’s no need to wait.

Our year ended with a spike in sales of Real Estate Investment Analysis International Edition. Spurred by the success of REIA International, we’re working on adding currency and measurement settings to our other products, starting with CID 5.

After the release of CID 5, we’re going to focus on the entire REIA product line, looking to incorporate many user suggestions in new updates or upgrades. Stay tuned for more news about RealData software, and please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback on how we can make our programs work better for you.

Our Latest Updates & Discounted Upgrades

There are four ways to get new RealData software for far less than the retail price: 

First, if you have the current version but are still using an older release (we call it a “build”), chances are that you are entitled to a free update. We just released a new build (1.15) of On Schedule, Version 4, and several of our other products were recently updated as well. In most of our programs, you’ll find the build number near the top of the “General Info” worksheet. The latest available builds are listed here: http://www.realdata.com/p/builds.shtml

If you have an older version of one of our programs, you can upgrade to the current version for a substantial discount. Most upgrades are $20-$80. We’re up to Real Estate Investment Analysis v12, On Schedule v4, Commercial/Industrial Development v4. You can see all the upgrade details, including pricing, here: http://www.realdata.com/p/builds.shtml

Did you know? – if you have a RealData program but need licenses for additional users, you can purchase them at 25% off.

And finally, if you are new to our software you can save up to $249 with one of our bundle offers. More info is available at http://realdata.com/prodcombo.shtml.

New Featured Resource: CityFeet

If you’re buying, selling or leasing commercial real estate there are a number of online databases where you can post or search for properties. CityFeet claims to gives this idea a bit more of a marketing twist, citing distribution of their data to “…Yahoo! Real Estate, NYTimes, com, LATimes.com, AJC.com (Atlanta) and over 35 other local newspapers.”

They also publish slick, market-specific magazines, CityFeetSpaces, (currently for New York and Atlanta, with Boston and Chicago promised soon). You can download back issues on their web site, http://cityfeet.com



 New Article: Bubble  Troubles?

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