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New International Edition of Real Estate Investment Analysis

We're pleased to announce the release of a new International Edition of our Real Estate Investment Analysis software. The new program will perform a 20-year pre-tax analysis of income property and include these special features:

  • The ability to specify virtually any currency name or symbol; the software will automatically display that name or symbol as needed throughout all worksheets and reports.
  • The ability to specify rentable area in terms of square meters as well as square feet; again, the appropriate terminology will automatically appear on all worksheets and reports
  • The choice of performing mortgage calculations according to the U.S. and European method (monthly accrual of interest) or the Canadian method (semi-annual accrual)

The new edition is great for non-U.S. investors, of course, but is equally valuable for U.S. investors working either at home or abroad. It offers the same powerful income, expense and cash flow analyses for commercial and residential income properties as you would find in our Standard Edition.

The new program is priced at $397, but readers of this Dispatch can receive a $100 discount through May 31, 2005. To receive your discount place your order online at www.realdata.com and use promotional code InterWD for a downloaded version and InterWS for the shipped version when you check out.

A Call to Real Estate Educators – Teaching and Learning Resources on the Horizon

My book, What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow..., (insert shameless self-promotion here:) has been among the top 10 real estate books on Amazon for the better part of a year. It is a text and reference guide that discusses more than three dozens key concepts and calculations related to income-property analysis.

Perhaps because of its popularity (notoriety?) we've had numerous requests to provide teaching materials to accompany both the book and our Real Estate Investment Analysis software. We've begun to produce such materials and hope to make them available later this year. They will include a lecture outline and presentation, sample investment problems, quizzes and tests. We would like to give readers of our newsletter a sneak preview of what we have in mind, so follow this link Case Study to see one of the sample problems I use in my class at Columbia. This is a fairly elementary problem and you can use any edition of our Real Estate Investment Analysis, from Ultra-Lite on up, to work on it. If you would like to see some potential "solutions," the problem includes links to those as well.

I have a special plea to those of you who teach income-property analysis, either at the university, licensing or continuing ed levels: We earnestly want to open a dialog with you and learn what kind of materials you would find most useful. To contact us about this, go to realdata.com and send us a support ticket. Yes, I know this is not really tech support, but our ticket system is the surest way to get your message past the spam filters. Thanks in advance. I'm looking forward to working with other teachers to develop the best materials possible.

RealData Software Updates

If you’re a user of RealData software we would like to be sure you’re using the latest version of our products. At the top of one of the first two worksheets in our Excel-based programs for Windows (for example, on the “General” sheet in Real Estate Investment Analysis) you should find a version number and a “build” number. We generally release new versions when we implement significant improvements, new builds for minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Compare your RealData programs to the latest versions and builds in the table below. If you don’t have the current version, you may qualify for a free or reduced-price upgrade. If you do have the latest version but not the latest build then you can definitely receive the latest at no charge.

To obtain a new build (free) or to find out the cost of an upgrade, submit a support ticket through our helpdesk, http://www.realdata.com/helpdesk Please include the program serial number if you can locate it – and, of course, your name.

Real Estate Investment Analysis, Standard v12 - b1.12
Real Estate Investment Analysis, International v12 - b1.12
Real Estate Investment Analysis, Lite v11 - b1.09
Real Estate Investment Analysis, UltraLite - b1.05
On Schedule v3 - b1.3.2
Personal Financial Statement v4.2 - b1.1
Commercial / Industrial Development v4.0 - b1.05
Understanding Real Estate Investments v2 - b06.30.03
Comparative Lease Analysis v2 - b1.02
RealStat v4.34 (no build number)
1031 Exchange Analysis v1.0 - b1.01

New Featured Resource -- Craigslist

Craigslist is a free online bulletin board system available in 66 U.S. markets as well as major markets in Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, Mexico and South America. The real estate section is divided into nine categories. You can list your residential and commercial real estate for sale or lease with pictures and extensive descriptions. You can look for tenants in the housing wanted section or look for vacation rentals for yourself if you need a break. Did we mention it was free? It’s worth a look. Craigslist

Save a bundle with software bundles – special pricing

We continue to have a great response to the re-introduction of our special pricing for program bundles. Many of our customers find that they need more than one of our products and this is a great way to save. Check out the special pricing at http://www.realdata.com/prodcombo.shtml
Frank Gallinelli

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