Real Estate Calculators

Our Excel-based real estate calculators are handy tools to make quick work of the calculations that you need every day. Whether you are an investor, broker, agent or developer, you will find our calculators indispensable!

Free Edition

  • Four modules:
    • a versatile Monthly Payment calculator
    • a basic Amortization Schedule calculator
    • Loan Comparison
    • Future Values calculator
  • Microsoft Excel based
  • Pre-formatted reports
  • Windows or Macintosh

Deluxe Edition

  • Sixteen powerful modules:
    • Monthly Payment
    • Maximum Loan
    • Amortization Schedule
    • Six Functions of $1
    • Loan Spread
    • Mortgage Qualifier
    • Loan Comparison
    • Refinancing
    • Future Values
    • Income Multipliers
    • Depreciation
    • Underwriting
    • Discounted Cash Flows
    • Financial Ratios
    • Capitalization Rate
    • Bi-weekly Loan
  • Microsoft Excel based
  • Print perfectly formatted reports with the click of a button
  • Personalize with your business contact information
  • Free technical support
  • Available in Windows and Macintosh specific editions
  • Just $19

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