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Windows vs. Macintosh

  • Excel-based on both platforms
  • Same easy-to-use layout and features
  • Identical calculations and reports
  • PDF printing available in both
  • Each is optimized for its respective environments – files are not cross-compatible
  • 30-day license option currently available on Windows only

For Income-Property Investors – REIA Express vs. REIA Professional

REIA Express

  • Great for those who invest in residential or small commercial property.
  • 3 modes handle long or short term deals, monthly or annual calculations
  • Re-hab specialists: view month-by-month analysis for a closer look at cash flow.
  • An excellent choice also for the beginning investor. Upgrade later.

REIA Professional

All the features of Express plus:

  • Easily handles any type of rental property, big and small
  • Includes comprehensive partnership analysis and reports
  • Offers many premium features not found in products at this price level, including our stress-test Decision Maker.
  • Provides detailed commercial and residential income modules, as well as special worksheets for self-storage, hotel and continuing care.

For Income-Property Developers – C/I Development vs. On Schedule


  • For ground-up development of single-entity projects:
    apartments, strip centers, mixed use, self-storage, more
  • Project detailed hard and soft costs, construction costs
  • Select from multiple loan options: land, development, take-out, permanent
  • Utilize a complete partnership analysis to work with partners
  • Choose from two modes: classic project cost analysis and detailed monthly
  • Handle multi-phase projects


  • For unit-sale projects, like housing subdivisions, building lots, condominiums, commercial condos
  • Handle multi-phase developments — projects built and sold in stages
  • Gauge the opportunity in incomplete / abandoned / foreclosed development projects
  • Produce month-by-month plan for drawing, using and repaying development loan
  • Schedule hard and soft costs month-by-month
  • Estimate project absorption for units built and sold over time
  • Utilize partnership analysis, Gantt chart and more

For Income-Property Developers – C/I Development vs. On Schedule


  • Evaluate the development phase of any income-property project including apartments and residential
  • Choose project-duration or monthly cost projections
  • Select from extensive hard and soft cost categories
  • Use in conjunction with REIA Pro for in-depth build-and-hold analysis
  • Strictly for build-and-sell projects
  • Up to 120 months contruction period, phased development


  • For existing income properties as well as value-add, renovation, even ground-up construction
  • Use REIA Pro to evaluate to its long-term feasibility as an investment
  • Perform 20-year cash flow, resale and tax analysis
  • Attract equity investors with Partnership Analysis showing waterfall returns
  • Optional 24-month construction period with development loan

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