Property Analysis Service

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Send Us Your Property Info and Get a Complete Analysis by Return Email

RealData.. At Your Service

RealData can take your data and run a real estate investment analysis for you.

All you do is download a simple questionnaire, fill it in, and email it back to us. We’ll run your information through our most powerful program, the Professional Edition of “Real Estate Investment Analysis.” Generally within three business days or less, we’ll send you a set of professional, presentation-quality reports in pdf format by return email:

  • Annual Property Operating Data
  • Cash Flow and Resale Detailed Report
  • Cash Flow and Resale Summary Report
  • “Real Estate Business Plan” Report
  • Executive Summary
  • View sample reports here.

You can print your reports, or email them to your lender, client, or partners.

A basic analysis consists of one set of reports for any deal that fits the parameters of our questionnaire, with projections up to 20 years. Pricing starts at $350 which includes a 30-day trial of our REIA Professional software. Call us for a quote.

If you need something more complex, just start with the questionnaire, but also tell us what else you need. We’ll give you a custom quote. Interpretation of results, review and modfication to reports as well as phone consultation are not included in our basic service fee.

Property Analysis Data Checklist Form

Need to collect information for an investment property analysis? Use this handy form as a checklist for essential data. You can also submit the form to us to complete the property analysis for you.

Download the Checklist Form