Upgrade Your Software

Product You Own Upgrade To Cost
REIA Professional Edition (Windows) v18 v20 $ 99
v17 v20 $249
Note: There is no version 19 v16 and earlier v20 $299
REIA Lite Edition v20 $299
REIA Ultra-Lite v20 $495
REIA Express v20 $425
REIA International v20 $299

REIA Express Edition Express v1 v2 $ 59
REIA Ultra-Lite v2 $109
REIA Lite v2 $109
REIA Standard/Pro v2 $109

Commercial Industrial Development v5 v6 $149
v4 and earlier v6 $199

On Schedule v4 v5 $159
v3 and earlier v5 $199

Comparative Lease Analysis v1 or v2 v3 $139

Personal Financial Statement v3 and earlier v4 $ 25

Cross-Platform Charges

These fees apply if you want to run our software on both Windows and Mac or if you are switching from Win to Mac or vice versa.

Product You Own Upgrade To Cost
REIA Professional Either Windows or Mac n/a $ 100
Personal Financial Statement, Deluxe Calculator n/a $ 25
any other product n/a $ 50

How to Obtain Upgrades and Updates


Please call us at 203-816-8457 to place your order, or request a promo code via email.


You can download the latest build of your software at any time by signing into your customer account.

If you need assistance, please email us and we will send download links and serial numbers via email. Be sure to include your name, company name, address, serial number (if possible) and phone number. You can also call our support line at 203-816-8457.



Software Builds / Updates

We occasionally make minor improvements to a particular version which do not constitute a full version release. Each version begins as Build 1.0 and progresses. You will find the build number on the Welcome worksheet of your product(s). The latest builds are available free of charge for the version you have purchased.

Version Releases

As you might expect, new versions of our software include multiple, significant new product features. Many of our new features are obtained from feedback from our customers.

Upgrade Special Offers

Since we only provide free support for the current versions of our products, we encourage users to upgrade. As a special incentive, new releases are offered at a reduced rate for a few months after release.

Cross-Platform Charge

A cross-platform charge is applied when a user of our software wants to have a copy of their software for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.