Real Estate Investment Analysis


Express Edition -- Version 2


Evaluate investment property and make compelling presentations with our new Real Estate Investment Analysis (REIA) Express Edition, Version 2.

As successor to our popular REIA Ultra-Lite software, this compact, professional tool is ideal for new investors and for all who deal with residential or commercial properties. Now with Version 2, calculate after-tax as well as before-tax cash flows and sale proceeds.

Choose from Three Analysis Modes

  • Detailed Long-Term Analysis -- Create 10-year pro forma projections of income and expenses, rent roll, financing, cash flow before and after taxes, and resale. Examine key measures of return, such as IRR, PV and cash-on-cash. The Detailed Analysis offers many new features not previously found in REIA Ultra-Lite.
  • Quick Long-Term Analysis -- Complete a full "first pass" analysis of a property in just minutes on a single worksheet. Save time, and decide if the property merits a more in-depth analysis.
  • Short-Term Analysis -- Take a month-by-month approach to a property you plan to buy, renovate and resell within two years. For each month you can project your costs to repair and improve the property, along with any rental income, operating expenses and debt payments. Finally, estimate your potential profit.

Promote Your "Brand" with High-Impact Presentations


  • Give your clients, partners or lenders a visual reminder that you are the source of this powerful array of projections and reports. Add your company logo, personal photo or other suitable graphic to the upper
    right-hand corner of all reports with just a click of your mouse. The software will scale the image automatically.
  • In detailed analysis mode, add further visual impact to your Real Estate Business Plan presentation with an optional full page of property pictures. You can also add a picture or other graphic to the title page.



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