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How do I analyze a triple-net lease in REIA Express? Expense pass-throughs?

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REIA Pro specifically handles expense pass-throughs that are common in commercial leases.  You can just tick a checkbox to pass through expense line items individually.  You can have a base year for expenses and adjust how expenses are passed through to each tenant individually.

In Express, one can handle a simple case where you are essentially recapturing all the expenses. On the Annual Property Operating Data worksheet, use line 15 to show income from expenses. Perhaps change the label in B15 to be “Pass-Through Expense Recovery.”  Create some simple formulas in this row. For example, in C15 the formula could be “=C91” (without quotes of course)

Cell C91 is the total amount for expenses for this year. Adjust your formulas accordingly if the total recovery amount is less than 100 percent.

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