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Which RealData product is best for multifamily investments?

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RealData offers several financial models which are ideal for evaluating multi-family properties.

REIA, Express Edition

Express can quickly evaluate any size residential property with any unit mix.  Quickly sift through offerings using our “Quick Analysis” mode which simplifies inputs to the bare minimum.  Get a bigger picture of with the Detailed mode where you can spell out the terms of all tenants individually or in groups.

  • Build in renovation of units with income changes and renovation costs
  • Easily configure annual increases in rent globally or by tenant
  • Add up to three loans along with one refinance event
  • Break down capital expenditures
  • Quickly print reports with our integrated PDF report creator.
  • Depreciation and real estate tax calculations
  • Suitable for existing properties and value-add
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REIA, Professional Edition

REIA Pro has all the features of Express plus additional features including commercial income, a partnership / syndication module, our “Decision Maker” what-if module.

  • up to 20-year hold period
  • 24-month development period with precision construction draws and draw-down development loan
  • Perfect for all multifamily property investment including existing, value-add, re-development and new development.
  • Raise private equity and show your partners their return based on their contributions.
  • Includes comprehesive ROI metrics
  • Built-in cell notes, help pop-ups and a comprehensive PDF user guide.
  • Choose from 29 different reports to create the best presentation for your lender or investor
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Commercial-Industrial Development

Despite its name, this development model is equally fit for multifamily development projects.  Its timeline covers up to 10 years where you can list out hard and soft costs on an monthly basis.  Perfect for build-and-sell modeling.  Learn more >>

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