Commercial – Industrial Development

Key Features:

  • For ground-up development of all property types
  • Two modes: Classic & Monthly for different levels of detail
  • Break out hard & soft costs, multiple phases, multiple loans
  • Includes analysis and reports for equity partners.
  • Includes free tech support
building under construction with crane

CID is a real estate development model for all types of ground-up or rehab construction. If you are developing an apartment building, shopping center or other commercial property from bare ground — or if you’re renovating or expanding an existing property — then the “CID” app can be an essential tool as you plan your project, evaluate its feasibility, solicit partners, and seek financing.

Accommodates any income-property project: office, retail, mixed use, warehouse and multifamily housing. Quickly assemble your hard costs, soft costs and financing details into a professional development pro forma. Simply enter your data into this powerful, Excel-based real estate development program and create compelling presentations to support your project’s viability to lenders and partners alike.

Version 6 adds a complete new mode of analysis to CID. You can still take advantage of the “classic” CID style but now you can also choose a new month-by-month mode that includes partnership analysis.

For condominium. land and housing subdivision projects, take a look at our other development software, On Schedule.

New Features in Version 6

New Month-by-Month Mode

This major enhancement to CID effectively adds a completely new “program within a program.” A very robust alternative to our classic project cost analysis, this mode allows you to create a detailed development, construction and absorption plan for your project. This is especially valuable if you’re renovating or expanding an existing property, where this new approach can be an essential tool as you design and plan the project, evaluate its feasibility, solicit partners, and seek financing.

The following features are part of the new month-by-month mode:

  • Coordinate Development and Leasing
    Allow lease-up of some units to proceed in parallel with development of other units.
  • Fine-Tune Your Development Financing
    Draw upon the development loan monthly, as needed, with repayments based on revenue.
  • Get a Handle on Your Construction Timeline
    Break down construction into as many as 8 unit types. Each unit type has 28 construction cost categories. Easily configure the length of time to build units.
  • Estimate Revenue and Absorption
    Easily configure income, vacancy and operating expenses for all units on a monthly basis.
  • Make Presentations to Potential Partners
    Create partnership analysis reports for individual equity partners, showing allocations of cash, preferred return, and more.

New Reports

Now produces 15 pro forma reports.

Features in Depth

Two Modes: Classic and Monthly

Version 6 vastly expands the power of your development analysis by offering a choice between the “classic” project cost analysis mode, and a new month-by-month mode, similar to what you find in our On Schedule software for subdivision, condo and land development.

Prompts for all your Project Costs

The software provides a structure to remind you of all your most likely project hard and soft costs. The labels for many of the cost categories can be customized to suit your project’s needs. Version 6 has 33 soft cost categories and up to 48 hard cost categories.

Analyze Any Type of Property

CID is flexible enough to handle all of your development analysis needs: apartment buildings, self-storage facilities, warehouses, strip centers, commercial condos and more.

Flexible Financing

Configure a development and land loan during construction. Optionally refinance into an amortized takeout loan. If you are building to hold the project, you can also refinance into a permanent loan.

  • Development loan can be calculated based on % of total project cost, cap rate, as a maximum supported by rent income or as a user-specified amount.
  • Optional land loan for the development period
  • Amount of permanent loan can be based on resale price or user-specified amount.

Hard and Soft Costs

In classic mode, use our “Short Form” to enter cost per square foot / meter or use our “Detailed Form” where you can itemize dozens of specific hard costs. In month-by-month mode, work with hard and soft costs as well as detailed construction costs on a monthly basis.


  • Show resale amount based on cap rate, dollars per square foot or meter, total project cost or user-specified amount.
  • In classic mode, calculate income applying different rental rates to different segments of the rentable area; by asking for the total amount needed to achieve a particular capitalization rate; or by using a detailed rent roll.
  • In month-by-month mode, work with up to eight different unit types and easily configure income, vacancy and operating expenses for all units on a monthly basis.


  • Create partnership structure, including allocations of cash and preferred return
  • Generate pro-forma reports for individual partners

15 Professional Reports, including:

  • Development Pro Forma – This is your development business plan, summarizing all of the key elements of the project, including funding, hard costs, soft costs, lease-up period income and costs, and a summary of the overall projects costs, financing and equity.
  • Resale & Operating Pro Forma – This report shows the potential resale to a new buyer and a pro-forma first year operating statement.
  • Build & Hold Pro Forma – This allows the developer to look at his or her equity position, potential resale and projected first-year operating statement.
  • Cash Flow Plan – In month-by-month mode, this displays monthly cash flow in detail, along with the progress of your development loan.
  • Executive Summaries – These show key information for the project overall, or for an individual equity partner.

For each report, you can specify paper size, color or black/white, number of copies and printer choice. You can even create Adobe® Acrobat-compatible PDF files. Our macro-driven programming does it all for you.

Extensive Documentation and Support

  • Quick Start Guide – All essential details in one page.
  • Cell Notes – context-sensitive guidance simply by pointing your mouse over data input cells marked with red triangles.
  • User Guide – A comprehensive document covering all product details in convenient Adobe PDF format.
  • Technical Support – Contact our support team via email or phone with your specific questions.