Real Estate Investment Analysis

Buying residential or commercial investment properties? Want a quick and easy way to discover their return-on-investment potential? With our Real Estate Investment Analysis (REIA) Express and Pro software, just enter your property assumptions and the software handles the rest.

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Comprehensive and Complete

Forecast the performance of virtually any income-property investment: apartments, office, retail, warehouse, self-storage, and more. Complete analysis of cash flows, resale, rates of return.

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Quick and Easy

We’ve layered custom functionality on top of Excel. You get the familiarity of a spreadsheet environment with the power of standalone software. You’re up and running in minutes with no special knowledge of Excel needed.

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Clear and Concise

Deliver your results to lenders, partners, clients and others with professional-quality reports and presentations. Click – you’re done.
Paper or PDF.

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Accurate and Reliable

Can you afford to make a mistake? Forget about building your own spread-sheets; forget about complex math – we do all the heavy lifting for you. More than 30 years of improvements assure you of reliability.

REIA Professional

  • Easily handles any type of rental property, big and small
  • Includes comprehensive partnership analysis and reports
  • Offers many premium features not found in products at this price level, including our stress-test Decision Maker.
  • Provides detailed commercial and residential income modules, as well as special worksheets for self-storage, hotel and continuing care.

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REIA Express

  • Great for those who invest in residential or small commercial property.
  • 3 modes handle long or short term deals, monthly or annual calculations
  • Re-hab specialists: view month-by-month analysis for a closer look at cash flow.
  • An excellent choice also for the beginning investor. Upgrade later.

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REIA Quick

  • Suitable for all property types
  • Just a few key items to enter; complete your quick analysis in minutes
  • The single-page report consolidates all the essential information you need to decide whether to pass or to examine the property in greater detail
  • Upgrade to REIA Express or Pro and get full credit

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One-time fee. No monthly or annual charges.

One-time fee. Includes technical support.

The power of Excel, the structure of software