REIA Express

Key Features:

  • Multi-family focused but for all property types
  • Three modes: short & simple to detailed & long-term
  • Up to ten-year hold
  • Before- and after-tax calculations, and all major investment measures
  • Includes free tech support
multi-family apartment building

Supercharge your real estate investing with this quick and reliable investment analyst software, REIA Express Edition. Evaluate rental properties and re-habs big and small, simple or complex. You’ll find it easy to learn and easy to use, and you’ll create compelling presentations for clients, partners and lenders.

This compact, professional tool is ideal for all who deal with multi-family, smaller non-residential or mixed-use properties. Calculate after-tax as well as before-tax cash flows and sale proceeds.

We designed REIA Express with several audiences in mind. Perhaps you are…

  • all who buy or sell multi-family or small- to medium-sized non-residential properties, even single-family houses;
  • those whose specialty is to buy, rehab, and re-sell property for a profit;
  • investors who want to sift quickly through several property offerings to find the most promising opportunity.

If any of these describe your situation, then this version of REIA is a great place to start. Later, if your needs grow, you can still upgrade to the Professional Edition.

REIA Express Edition is really three programs in one:

Choose from Three Analysis Modes

  • Detailed Long-Term Analysis — Create 10-year pro forma projections of income and expenses, rent roll, financing, cash flow before and after taxes, and resale. Examine key measures of return, such as IRR, PV and cash-on-cash.
  • Short-Term Analysis — Take a month-by-month approach to a property you plan to buy, renovate and resell within two years. For each month you can project your costs to repair and improve the property, along with any rental income, operating expenses and debt payments. Finally, estimate your potential profit.
  • Quick Long-Term Analysis — Complete a full “first pass” analysis of a property in just minutes on a single worksheet. Save time, and decide if the property merits a more in-depth analysis.

Promote Your “Brand” with High-Impact Presentations

  • Give your clients, partners or lenders a visual reminder that you are the source of this powerful array of projections and reports. Add your company logo, personal photo or other suitable graphic to the upper right-hand corner of all reports with just a click of your mouse. The software will scale the image automatically.
  • In detailed analysis mode, add further visual impact to your Real Estate Business Plan presentation with an optional full page of property pictures. You can also add a picture or other graphic to the title page.

For those who don’t currently need all of the power afforded by the Professional Edition of our Real Estate Investment Analysis software, consider the Express Edition as a more compact, fast-track alternative.

Three modes = three software programs in one!

Detailed Long-Term Analysis

  •  Rent Roll accommodates up to 25 different unit types with an unlimited number of tenants per unit type
  •  10-year cash flow and resale analysis
  •  Go Global: Optional Canadian loan amortization, international currency symbols, metric measures
  •  Flexible Annual Property Operating Data worksheet with inputs for up to 23 different expense line items
  •  On-screen alerts as the software automatically highlights potential deal-killers like low Debt Coverage Ratio, sale proceeds that are less than your cash investment, and more
  •  Up to three fixed- or variable-rate mortgages plus a refinance option
  • Optional global rates of increase for income and expenses; or line item, year-by-year
  •  New financing options, including conversion of interest-only to amortized, secondary financing placed after acquisition
  •  Capital Improvements can be entered in any year
  •  Before- and after-tax cash flow and resale calculations
  • Return-on-investment measures such as IRR, PV, Cap Rate, Cash-on-Cash, Equity Multiple
  •  12 pre-designed reports, including charts
  •  New Loan Amortization sheet and report generated automatically from property loans
  •  New option to add your logo or other graphic to all reports
  •  New option to add pictures to the Real Estate Business Plan presentation
  • Built-in goal-seeking feature that will calculate the price at which you must purchase the property in order to achieve a particular profit amount or rate of return on your investment
  • Specify that one or more units is owner occupied and the software will adjust cash flow while maintaining resale value based on full rental. Perfect for analyzing that multi-family you might choose to live in.

Quick Long-Term Analysis

  •  Just a few key items to enter; complete your quick analysis in minutes
  •  Single-page report consolidates all the essential information you need to decide whether to pass or to examine the property in greater detail

Short-Term Analysis

  •  Month-by-Month pro forma, up to 24 months
  •  Designed specifically to help you budget in a situation where you buy a property, spend money each month to repair and/or improve it, and then seek to resell it for a profit
  •  Rent Roll and APOD similar to the Detailed Analysis, but monthly rather than annual
  •  Monthly cash flow analysis
  •  Built-in goal-seeking feature that will calculate the price at which you must purchase the property in order to achieve a particular profit amount or rate of return on your investment
  •  7 pre-designed reports, including cash flow and executive summary


Rent Roll report APOD report Cash Flow Report

Sample Reports

Quick Analysis Mode
– –
Short Term Analysis Mode
– –
Detailed Long Term Analysis Mode