REIA Quick

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all property types
  • Upgrade to REIA Express or Pro and get full credit
  • Up to ten-year hold
  • Includes free tech support
multi-family apartment building

Start right with your real estate investing using this quick and reliable investment analyst software, REIA Quick Edition. Evaluate rental properties and re-habs big and small, simple or complex. You’ll find it easy to learn and easy to use, and you’ll create compelling report for clients, partners and lenders.

This compact, professional tool is ideal for all who deal with multi-family, smaller non-residential or mixed-use properties.  As the name implies, get a fast assessment of whether the property is a viable investment or not.

Is The Property A Good Investment? Find out Quickly!

  • – Just a few key items to enter; complete your quick analysis in minutes
  • – The single-page report consolidates all the essential information you need to decide whether to pass or to examine the property in greater detail
  • – Calculate selling price based on a cap rate, appreciation rate or gross rent multiplier
  • – Get Net Operating Income, Cash-on-Cash Return, Debt-Coverage Ratio, IRR and more
  • – Add your logo to the report
  • – Option for Canada loan amortization
  • – Enter lease-up income during the first five years


REIA Quick Report 

REIA Quick Settings 

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