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Evaluating an Income Property and the Birth of RealData — Second Episode in My New Podcast Series

Welcome back to my new podcast series. In my first interview I answered some questions about how I got started as an investor, and I hope my experience provided some ideas for you if you’re just looking to get started yourself. 

Now I want to take you on the next few steps in my journey and talk about how I came to learn about analyzing income-property investments.

In this interview I tell you about my first commercial investment, which is where I really found my way in leveraging technology, and which led to the birth of RealData software.

Below is a snippet of the video version of this podcast. You can watch the entire video on youtube, or visit our complete youtube video library (lots of good stuff there for investors). You can also listen to the audio version of my podcasts on Spotify, Apple, or on most anyplace you usually get your podcasts.


UPDATE: Episode 3 is available now!


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