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Macintosh Users – Important Info Regarding Excel Compatibility

We have been enthusiastic users of Macintosh computers since the early days of RealData. In fact ours were among the first business applications available on the Mac in 1984. There are plenty of die-hard Mac users in our customer ranks, but even they will be frustrated with an apparent Excel 2016 bug which now affects our products.

At this time, all RealData software for Mac will run on both Excel 2011 and Excel 2016 (aka Office 365).  However, if you have the latest Excel 2016 for Mac, then you will not be able to print any images, including graphs, to PDF reports. Thankfully this does not affect hard printing of reports.  We have not been able to come up with a workaround, so wait we must until Microsoft patches this issue.  UPDATE!  This issue has been fixed in the May 23, 2018 release of Office 2016.  Be sure to update to the latest release.

An important tip for all Mac users – be sure to update Excel to the latest release and also be sure to use the latest build release of your RealData products.  For most of our products, only the latest release of the latest version of each will run on Excel 2016.

For more info on updating Excel, see our knowledge base article: https://www.realdata.com/docs/excel-2011-how-to-check-version-and-how-to-update/

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