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New, Improved PDF Printing for Macintosh Products

Yesterday, we released free updates across all of our Macintosh products that brings new PDF printing functionality and ease of use for PDF report creation.  Our new solution includes a utility file (called rdpdfutil) which resides in the same folder as the RealData software product and replaces the need for CUPS-PDF.

What exactly does this new utility do?

In short, it wraps up individual PDF files into one single document just as we do on our Windows products.  It also allows you to save your reports to any location that you choose, unlike CUPS.  Printing to PDF on a Mac now is equivalent to the advanced functionality we have had on Windows.

How does it work?

Print reports like you have always done by opening the RealData Menu and selecting Print Reports.  Tick the “Print to PDF” checkbox, then click the Print button.

PDF print dialog


Soon after, a dialog box will appear that asks you where you would like to save the PDF report.  Be sure to rename the report to something that makes sense for your project.

What else do I need to know?

When you install your Mac product, by default we prompt you to save the product to your Mac’s Applications folder.  Some users may wish to move this folder to another location, but note that in order for our PDF printing solution to work, you must retain the default install location with Applications.  Do not change the folder name.  Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the Mac OS that we could not work around.


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