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Real estate finance and investment education

A number of colleges and universities have been using my books as well as my company’s Real Estate Investment Analysis software for instructional purposes in their classes on real estate finance and investment (as have I at Columbia).

The “Express Edition” of the software dovetails nicely with my books, but some instructors recently asked for inclusion of a few of the features from its big brother, the Pro Edition. Happy to accommodate.

And so… we released a new version of REIA Express which does just that.

If you teach real estate finance or investment, note that we have an academic version of the software available for classroom use. Your students can use that to work through many of the problems and case studies in the books.

If you would like to find out more about academic use of this software, please contact me via our online contact form.

2 thoughts on “Real estate finance and investment education

  1. Last October I saved your book” Real Estate Project Feasibility: What’s behind doors #1 and #2?” in my Amazon Wish List. It is still on my wish list.but I can’t find any details on this book. No reviews, no Editorial comments, nothing, Can you throw some more light on this?
    Also are you planning a new version of your best seller “Insider Secrets to Financing Your Real Estate Investments” published in 2004, in view of the present downtrend in real estate matters?
    Burt Rao

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