Course Promo: Buy One, Gift One Free

December 8 – 10 only

You could give your friend or colleague an ugly sweater. But that wouldn’t really be much of a life-changing holiday gift.

Or you could take advantage of my buy one / gift one free offer today and give a gift to someone who is interested in real estate — a gift that will last: my online video course, Introduction to Real Estate Investment Analysis.

This has become something of a holiday tradition for us. I’ve made this offer each December for the past several years, and I have to feel that a gift of education is even more meaningful in 2020 than ever before.

First, let me tell you that the course is not some get-rich-quick-guru hype. If that’s your thing, you can surely find it elsewhere, but not here and not from me. 

This is solid educational content based on my 40+ years as a real estate investment software developer, author, and adjunct professor of real estate finance. 

No fluff.

Why take this course?

Introduction to Real Estate Investment Analysis will teach you what you need to know so you can make smart and successful income-property investments:

  • essential terminology
  • income capitalization
  • time value of money
  • discounted cash flow
  • rate-of-return metrics
  • financing
  • partnerships
  • pro forma analysis
  • case study examples using different property types
  • property development and rehab
  • value-add investments
  • “blend and extend” lease modifications
  • plus quizzes, practice problems, Excel models, a digital certificate and more

You can learn at your own pace through a series of short but info-packed videos, on your computer or your mobile device. Once you’re enrolled, access to the course does not expire.

and you can share this education with a friend or colleague if you
enroll now

First enroll for your own use; then within 36 hours (probably sooner), you will get an email from me with a promo code that will allow a new student to enroll at no charge. 

The fine print: This buy one / gift one offer is valid for new paid enrollees only.

Don’t miss the deadline: December 10, 2020 


Want to SuperSize Your Gift?

Enroll in my Special Bonus Edition, get the same Buy-One, Gift-One