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We’re always happy to help when users — and potential users — call to ask about a particular capability of our software. And that makes us stop to realize that applications like Real Estate Investment Analysis, Pro Edition have so many powerful features, sometimes real gems can be hidden in plain site. We’re pleased to say that we’ll be be delivering a series of short videos to highlight some of those features. You can watch the first of these right here:

Yeah, we could have come up with a sexier name than “modes,” but we’re real estate guys, not fashion designers. What really matters is that this video shows you how REIA is really three programs in one. Did you know you could even use it to evaluate a fix and flip project?

We have several more videos like this in the pipeline on topics that we get questions about, but we would very much like to hear what you want. Maybe something to do with entering data about commercial leases, or perhaps a feature that’s specific to multifamily? Maybe more detail on using the month-by-month analysis?

Please tell us. We want to know.


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