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If we’ve seemed a bit quiet lately…

“You never write. You never call.”

Well, not exactly, but if we’ve seemed a bit quiet lately it’s not because we’re ignoring our loyal followers and customers. Rather, our email service provider hit a bump in the road over the past few weeks, so we’ve been kind of trapped under the cone of silence.

We won’t bother you with the techy details, but they’ve got it all sorted now, so we’re back on track. But if you tried to sign up for the RealData Dispatch or our real estate investor education newsletter recently, there’s a good chance that you never saw your confirmation email and so you’re not on our list.

That would be a shame, because we send out a stream of good, informative material to our subscribers. That includes ebooks, videos, and other resources. We do that because we value our followers, we want you to do well in your real estate activities – and, of course, we want you to remember who we are. And yes, we do mix in an occasional marketing message, but not terribly often.

If you tried to subscribe recently – or even if you didn’t and would like to do so now – we encourage you to use the sign-up box in the right-hand column of this page.

Then check your email inbox for a message asking you to confirm that it was really you who subscribed.

Thanks. As always, we wish you spectacular success in your real estate investing.

— Frank Gallinelli

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