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New content in my online video course

Those of you who are already enrolled in my course, Introduction to Real Estate Investment Analysis, are probably aware that I’ve been regularly adding new content to the course over time.

My most recent addition is a lesson on “Phantom Income.” The lesson discusses how and when it might be possible for your taxable income to outpace your cash flow. Probably something you’d prefer to avoid if you could.

New content like this is always available at no charge to those who are enrolled in the course, but for a limited time this new lesson will be my treat to anyone who would like to view it.

So, even if you’re not already enrolled, just go to the course home page, and scroll down about two-thirds, past my smiling face, until you see the curriculum. You can find the lesson in the middle of the section called Real Estate Pro Formas. Click the Preview button to watch.

In case you missed it, I also added a three-part series this summer called, “Blend and Extend.” 

This is a technique that landlords and tenants have used during difficult times in the past — a technique where a bit of give and take could potentially benefit both parties. A timely topic, I believe, given the upheaval in commercial real estate during the pandemic.

I’m making the first video in the series available as a free preview. Again, go to the curriculum, but this time expand it and scroll to the very bottom to find “Blend and Extend.” That’s where you can preview Part 1.

In the two remaining lesson in this series, I go into more specifics about the ways you might actually run the numbers on a possible lease restructuring to find a scenario acceptable to both sides. I include examples was well as an Excel model that should help you with the calculations.

Since the original release of the course, I’ve added a great deal to my core content, including a series of case study examples, as well as modules on partnerships, development projects, and value-add investments.

But I’m always enthusiastic about broadening the scope of the learning you can derive and the benefits you can reap from the course. Do you have an idea for an additional topic you’d like to see? If so, please pass along your suggestion in the comments section! Thank you.

— Frank G

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