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New Online Course—Introduction to Real Estate Investment Analysis

REIA Course Logo croppedReaders of my books—especially What Every Real Estate Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow…—have been asking if I would ever be teaching a course. The answer, finally, is “yes.” I’ve just released a comprehensive online course with more than 40 video lessons (including case studies) plus quizzes, practice problems, and other resources.

Real estate investing is all about the numbers, and in this course I teach you about the metrics, concepts and techniques used by successful investors—how to make smart and profitable investment decisions, and how to be alert to dicey deals. In my case studies, I show you not only how to run the numbers, but also how to look beyond the raw data for clues about potential opportunities and pitfalls.

You can scope out the course and the complete syllabus at learn.realdata.com

Wishing you successful investing,

Frank Gallinelli

6 thoughts on “New Online Course—Introduction to Real Estate Investment Analysis

  1. Hi Frank. Is every thing in your book, “What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow” in the video course? Thank you. Ray

    1. Great question, Ray. Of necessity, there are many topics that I discuss in my books that I also discuss in my course. For example, I couldn’t imagine leaving out key real estate investment concepts such as time value of money, income capitalization, or cash flow analysis no matter whether I was writing a book or teaching a course. At the same time, there are some subjects (call them “sub-topics” if you will) that I discuss in one but not the other. Just as an aside, I will be adding additional material to the course over time, and anyone who is enrolled will be able to access it as it is released — no upgrade required.

      Your question does give me a chance to riff for a moment on why I decided to create the course. I’ve been able to observe when I teach my grad school class that my students — even if they’ve diligently done their reading — grasp the concepts better after I present them in class, and better still after they apply them in hands-on assignments. That brought to mind something I learned almost fifty years ago, when I was getting a MS in education [arguably the only thing I learned 😉 ]: You remember about 10 percent of what you read, 20 percent of what you hear, 30 percent of what you see, 50 percent of what you hear and see together, and 90 percent of what you do. So my intent and hope is that the course will prove not so much an alternative to the written word, but a supplement — a way for people really to internalize and retain this material.

      How’s that for a long-winded answer to a straightforward question?

      Thanks for writing.


  2. Wow! Fantastic! Thank you very much for your answer to my question Frank. I am looking forward to learning from your video course and your books. Greatly appreciated, Ray

    1. Thanks, Ray. Hope you enjoy the course. Be sure to check out some of the non-video resources, such as quizzes and practice problems.


  3. Hi Frank
    I can’t find the course description and price to “Introduction to Real Estate Investment Analysis” on this site.
    thank you

  4. Hi Jay — All of the course info, syllabus, enrollment, etc is at learn.realdata.com Use that address just as is, don’t add “www” The price is $297



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