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Software updates: All Macintosh products, REIA Pro and Express

Today we have completed many updates which span the entire product line for both Windows and Macintosh. The changes include:

– code modification for all Mac products to accommodate changes in the new Mavericks operating system. If you are using Mavericks, then be sure to login to your customer account and download the latest release of your software. The new code fixes problems when printing both to physical printers and to PDF.

– In REIA Pro we have added PV, CFAT and Sale Proceeds after Taxes to our popular Decision Maker dashboard. We also have improved error reporting on both the Commercial Income and Residential Income worksheets as well as several bug fixes for printing and data display.

– IN REIA Express we have fixed several display issues in the Residential Income worksheet which have been reported by some users.

All of these updates are free of charge for those who have a license for a current version of the software product. RealData maintains separate product releases for Windows and Macintosh users as part of our effort to provide an optimal user experience in each operating system.

If you need assistance with upgrading your software, please open a support ticket by sending us an email.

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