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First, let me thank you for purchasing my book. Whenever I read a business book or attend a seminar, I approach it with the idea that if I can come away with just one brand-new and useable idea or nugget of wisdom, then it was worth the effort. I truly hope that you'll find much more than one good idea and that you'll use what you learn to help you make solid investment choices. I also hope you have as much fun reading this material as I did writing it.

Frank Gallinelli

Founder and President of RealData, Inc.

Mastering Real Estate Investment

Mastering Real Estate Investment

RealData, Inc. 2008

ISBN 0981813801

258 pages

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Develop a command of the essential concepts that underlie income-property investing, and learn how to make an in-depth analysis of a real estate investment.

Here Gallinelli revisits the 37 key metrics from his "Cash Flow" book and guides you through examples that will lead you to mastery of concepts like:

  • Discounted Cash Flow
  • Capitalization Rate
  • Net Operating Income
  • Present Value
  • Debt Coverage Ratio
  • Internal Rate of Return and much more

He then takes you beyond those formulas to the next level, with detailed case studies of four different properties:

  • Single-family home as a rental property
  • Re-hab project to create a commercial income property
  • Apartment building
  • Strip shopping center

You'll analyze these properties with him and learn to look behind the numbers, to think like a successful investor and to recognize both the opportunities and the perils you might encounter when you invest in real estate.

What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow...

What Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Know
About Cash Flow ...and 36 Other Key Financial Measures

McGraw-Hill, 2004; 2nd Edition, 2008

ISBN 0071603271

261 pages

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An arsenal of powerful formulas that can spell the difference between success and failure in real estate investing.

Real estate investing is a numbers game, and the only way to win is by understanding the numbers. This revised and updated second edition of "What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow . . ." helps readers to master the 37 most essential calculations that determine property worth, projected profits, and investment potential. For beginning investors, real estate veterans, commercial brokers, sellers, and buyers, this valuable reference is filled with helpful "rules of thumb." It's a must-have for anyone who wants to make sound decisions based on accurate calculations of:

  • Discounted Cash Flow
  • Cash-on-Cash Return
  • Net Operating Income
  • Capitalization Rate
  • Debt Coverage Ratio
  • Net Present Value
  • Depreciation
  • Profitability Index
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Mortgage amortization
  • And many more
Insider Secrets to Financing Your Real Estate Investments

Insider Secrets to Financing Your Real Estate Investments

McGraw-Hill 2004

ISBN #0071445439

256 pages

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Everything real estate investors need to know about finding, financing, and closing real estate investment deals.

Navigating the complexities of real estate financing can be a major obstacle for the real estate investment novice. Now this quick-reference guide arms them with a road map for finding, evaluating, and financing investment opportunities. From due diligence made easy, to writing winning loan proposals, to successfully negotiating with sellers, to making sense of closing statements, Insider Secrets to Financing Your Real Estate Investments covers all the bases. Using dozens of annotated forms and checklists, Frank Gallinelli tells you what you need to know about:

  • Selecting the best real estate investments for individual investor needs
  • What lenders are really looking for in real estate investors
  • Creating winning loan presentations
  • Closing statements and what to expect when the deal is sealed

Building Your Real Estate Portfolio?

RealData's power tools for real estate analysis can help you decipher deals and find quality investments that will work for you. Our software products include:

- Real Estate Investment Analysis for evaluating existing income properties -- Professional and Express editions available

- Commercial Industrial Development and On Schedule for both commercial & residential development feasibility.

- Personal Financial Statement for organizing your statement of assets and liabilities -- Perfect to support your request for financing