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REIA Quick Edition

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REIA Quick Edition is our introductory app for evaluating income properties.  It is available as its own program for both Windows and Mac, and is included as a “mode” in the REIA Express and Pro Editions.  Like all RealData products, it requires Microsoft Excel.

What can REIA Quick Edition do?

REIA Quick produces a high-level pro forma of return-on-investment over a ten year period for any income-producing property.  You enter a minimum of assumptions including total income, expenses and financing and it will show you net operating income, cash-on-cash return, IRR and more.  It helps you make rapid decisions about the investment-worthiness of a property before evaluating in greater detail.

What types of properties can REIA Quick Edition evaluate?

You can evaluate any type of income property from a single-family house to a multi-tenant commercial property.  The program requires that you provide total gross rent, total expenses, financing details and a few other property specifics.

How do I use the program?

Install the program then open and go to the “Quick Analysis” worksheet tab.  Enter your assumptions in the blue cells then switch to the “Quick Analysis Report” tab to see the results.

How do I print reports in REIA Quick Edition?

Print the report by opening the RealData menu in the top Excel ribbon then select “Print Reports”

Cell Notes

Many data entry cells on the Quick Analysis worksheet have adjacent red triangles.  Point your mouse over these red triangle cells to see explanatory notes about data entry.



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