Video Courses

Are you prepared for profitable real estate investing? Get started or brush up on your knowledge with our video courses by RealData’s founder, Frank Gallinelli. Frank covers the lingo and the calculations so you can make confident decisions about your next investment.

Mastering Real Estate Investing

A complete course with over eleven hours of instruction along with case studies and other resources. Based on Frank’s best-selling book, “What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow” and on his university course. Just $297.
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Income Property Tutorial

A 10-part series on real estate investing that evaluates a real estate investment using our Real Estate Investment Analysis software.  Just $69.
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Real Estate Case Studies

Sometimes learning by example is the best way to approach a subject.  Purchase just the case studies section of our most popular course and walk through the step-by-step process of evaluating an apartment building, a mixed-use property, a triple-net lease property and a commercial strip center.  Just $77
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Real Estate Development Analysis

Just as with income-property investing, real estate development is a numbers game — and the only way to win is by understanding how the numbers work. Learn the two essential approaches to development, due diligence, project financing and strengthen your understanding by working through three case studies. Just $89
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